• Our experience with working with regulatory authorities allows us to integrate our R&D work from conception to full certification.
  • Our team has extensive R&D experience across a wide range of areas.
  • Be it synthetic fuel development and testing (achieving a Guinness World Record for the world’s first flight using synthetic fuel),  battery power and hybrid engines, engine data capture and transmission hardware, single lever flying systems, drone technologies both fixed wing and VTOL, aircraft STCs solutions and aircraft brake systems, we have the experience to deliver.
  • Our industry knowledge allows us to bring together the subject matter experts that deliver.
  • At our Hawarden (Chester UK) facility we can provide engine test capability for a wide range of engine projects from traditional turbine engines to hybrid, electric and hydrogen powered. From on the ground through to Flight Test and certification  we can co-create the infrastructure delivery path to see your project through to completion.

Innovative Solutions for R&D Support

Innovative solutions require subject matter experts with the right competencies. Having worked in partnership on long term green alternative and sustainable fuel solutions, to drone technologies, to future airframe solutions, we have the experience to deliver.

Our teams at both Warwick and Hawarden have a depth of knowledge which can support the design, development, certification and delivery of a variety of platforms from Rotax powered Drones, to turbine powered transport aircraft.

With our own test cell capability for piston and turbine as well as a growing structures capability we can support a range of projects.

Research and development is a team effort, contact us today and see how we can support your project with an innovative solution.