• CFS Aeroproducts has a wide range of regulatory approvals to repair, maintain and test engines and components including:
  • CAA Part 145
  • EASA Part 145
  • FAA Part 145
  • CFS Aero’s technicians have an extensive knowledge of turbine products both military and civil.
  • With world class experience in repairing and maintaining engines and components from the world of business aviation, commercial aviation and military aviation.
  • CFS Aero offers a wide range of MRO services and innovative solutions for its global client base.
  • AOG support worldwide.
  • Dedicated Client Support Managers supported by our engineering teams to assist in engine and component repair planning. We also look to minimise any foreseeable downtime which can be mitigated by utilising our stock of core exchange engines and components which can be dispatched 24/7 in moments of need.
  • Our logistics team help resolve the global supply chain challenges around parts and repairs to ensure you receive the level of support you need, wherever you are based.

Innovative Solutions for Turbine Support

Our test cell capability and extensive knowledge of turbine engines allow us to explore further, off wing turbine support for both OEMs and MROs, across a range of products. Accordingly, we are open to exploring MRO solutions as a joint venture with external OEMs as few small to medium sized turbine engines are beyond our capacity to achieve capability. The challenges of “Off Wing” support without the need for trans-global shipment is being called for right now. With a modern facility capable of supporting additional product lines, as an established OEM we have already proven our ability to a global market.  While we are ready and willing to look at all opportunities our priority will always be to fully support existing customers, as our reputation for first class customer service is the most valuable asset we possess.

Engine Testing

Thanks to the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development CFS is able to test all engines it has the capability to repair and overhaul.