Terms and conditions for suppliers

Order Acknowledgement.

Please acknowledge receipt of incoming orders, confirming your understanding and ability to meet our requirements.


Acknowledgement of this order includes a commitment to meet the required delivery date. It is your responsibility to inform CFS Aeroproducts Ltd of any delay to the order, as soon as it becomes apparent. Your delivery performance will be monitored and will be used as part of our supplier selection process. For customs purposes please ensure that customs@cfsaero.com is listed as the notifying party.


Suppliers holding approvals should ensure products are manufactured/maintained/supplied in accordance with your approved quality system certification including manufacturer’s lot traceability when applicable. The supplier must immediately inform CFS Aeroproducts Ltd should any approvals be suspended, withdrawn or expire. All Aircraft Parts must be certified for UK use with a certificate of conformity as a minimum, except where otherwise stated on the Purchase Order/Repair Order.

Managing Change

CFS must be informed of any changes to the product/process, change of suppliers, or change of locations.

Record Retention

Records must be retained for a minimum of 5 years. Permission must be sought prior to the destruction of any documentation relating to a product manufactured by CFS Aeroproducts Ltd.

Technical Information

Please check that the issue of the technical information in your possession is the latest issue before you commence manufacture. If the issue number differs please contact the purchaser.


It is a requirement of this order that CFS Aeroproducts Ltd, its customers and regulatory authorities reserve the right of access to the applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain involved in the order and to all applicable records.

Sub-tier Suppliers

The supplier shall not sub-contract or transfer any part of the order without the prior written consent of the purchaser (CFS Aeroproducts Ltd). Should written consent be given all requirements specified by CFS Aeroproducts Ltd must be flowed down on purchasing documents to the sub tier.


The supplier shall inform CFS Aeroproducts Ltd of any non-conformance prior to delivery in writing, the Quality department will then decide on the disposition of these items, and inform the supplier accordingly.

Shelf Life

Where items have a limited shelf life, the date of manufacture and expiry date must be quoted.

Packaging and Identification

The supplier must ensure that all goods are adequately packed to guard against damage in transit to the destination irrespective of carriage conditions.


Where appropriate, health and safety data sheets must be supplied to assist with our duties under COSHH regulations.

Business Continuity.

It is expected that all suppliers will have robust business continuity plans in place in order to maintain the delivery of products & services at an agreed level following a disruptive incident.

Product Safety

Suppliers are responsible for adhering to the requirements of the contract/purchase order to fully mitigate any potential risk to product safety.

Confidentiality Statement

The Supplier agrees that all documents and information obtained from the Company’s client and all company, client and project related information shall be treated with strict confidentiality and that any such information will not be disclosed nor made available to any third party without a prior written consent from The Company. This obligation also covers all documents or information created in fulfilment of any purchase orders. This obligation shall continue in perpetuity.

Ethical Dealings

Suppliers will have systems & procedures in place to ensure the highest standards of behaviour & ethics when dealing with any product/service relating to CFS Aeroproducts Ltd product.

Please refer to our “Policy” page to see our policies with regards to ethics.

Counterfeit/Unapproved parts

Suppliers will have systems in place to prevent the shipping of counterfeit/unapproved parts to CFS Aeroproducts Ltd.

NOTE: Examples of a counterfeit part can include, but are not limited to, the false identification of marking or labelling, grade, serial number, date code, documentation, or performance characteristics.